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GutterShutter™ Gutter Protection System


gutter shutter of va

Forget snap-on gutter covers, guards and screens. The GutterShutter™ System is the most advanced system on the market.

GutterShutter is the perfect solution for keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters. GutterShutter is more than your everyday cheap gutter cover. Typically, these come in one standard size, easily come loose, and clog quickly. On the other hand, GutterShutter is a gutter and hood combination protection system, which keeps the debris away and flawlessly fits to your roof. Its features include:

  • Manufactured from high quality, thick aluminum.
  • A 6" gutter trough allows superior waterflow with high capacity.
  • As visually appealing as it is strong, GutterShutter comes in 16 long-lasting colors.
  • Our exclusive highback system is guaranteed to stay attached your home.
Why GutterShutter?

Previously, the solutions to keeping gutters clear and functional were limited. Homeowners used “under the shingle” hooded products or screens that failed to meet standard roof systems and warranties. With GutterShutter however, homeowners benefit from the following:

  • A clog free gutter protection system guaranteed to remain attached to your home as long as the structure exists.
  • Eliminating the hassle of cleaning out your clogged gutters.
  • A water-tight seal from the roofline down using the GutterShutter Patented "high-back" gutter trough
  • An elimination of clogged downspouts and associated underground plumbing issues
  • A Crown Molding appearance that compliments your home’s architecture and increases its value.
  • GutterShutter will last the lifetime of your home- even if the roof needs to be replaced. The system is attached directly to the fascia board of your house and will never be clogged with debris or detach.

A complete system for the price of a cover alone!

gutter shutter system

GutterShutter encloses and protects the entire gutter. Its sealed with no vertical openings- keeping debris out. There are also no filters or screens to become clogged.

GutterShutter was designed with the physical principles of water tension in mind. Rainwater streams around its nose for a consistent flow. The GutterShutter system has the highest surface tension out of any of our competitors. You will never have to worry about the danger of climbing ladders for gutter cleaning and maintenance. Also, the High Back system provides an aluminum coating which means your fascia will never be at risk for additional rotting.

Our patent pending GutterStud- a unique way of attaching to the fascia board- is the heart of the system.

The GutterStud is built from a virgin nylon material that stays firmly in placedespite weather conditions. It is applied to the fascia using two 3" galvanized screws, no nails or rivets, spaced every 24" on the board in a vertical fashion, ensuring permanent attachment to the home.

Installation procedures are of the utmost importance on this home feature and BNW Builders uses factory trained applicators with vast experience in our Leaf and Debris Free Systems treatment to ensure your satisfaction in performance.

gutter shutter comparison shown next to standard gutters on a richmond va home


Gutter Shutter of VA
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