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Protect our home with the strongest all-in-one gutter guard system.

BNW BUilders is Richmond's Exclusive GUTTER SHUTTER® DEALER.

How can gutter protection increase the value of your home?


Experience the ultimate in gutter protection with Gutter Shutter®

Gutter Shutter is complete gutter protection system that delivers unparalleled strength, durability and beauty. Our system includes a new gutter, hood, and downspouts all for a price less than what our National brand competitors charge for a mere piece of mesh or aluminum hood that’s placed on top of your existing gutter. With Gutter Shutter you’ll get lasting peace of mind for your home. 

Why choose Gutter Shutter?

Because it works! Gutter Shutter is the most advanced self-cleaning gutter protection system on the market for keeping leaves and debris from building up and clogging your gutters. Gutter Shutter is backed by our Triple Lifetime Guarantee to never clog, sag, or pull away from your home.

Since 2010, BNW Builders has proudly served as Richmond’s Exclusive Dealer for Gutter Shutter. To our knowledge every system we have installed is still on the home it was originally fitted to. We say this because we have replaced a lot of our competitors systems with Gutter Shutter.

Most other gutter guards simply fit on top your old existing gutter using a screen or filter and both methods typically fail because the screen and filter will eventually clog just like any screen and filter. You’re probably saying to yourself, “but they offer a lifetime no clog warranty”. And you would be correct—they do for the gutter only, not the screen or filter. We have heard that when you call these companies they tell you the screen or filter is doing it’s job and your gutter is not clogged and for a fee they will come out and clean your screen or filter. In our opinion this is a bit misleading. We strongly recommend reading the warranty before you purchase these type of products.

GutterShutter Lifetime Workmanship
BNW Builders had been a Gutter Shutter Exclusive Dealer Since 2010

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Gutter Shutter® Benefits

Clog-Free: Gutter Shutter is a self-cleaning system that is designed to allow superior water flow and flush out any leaves, debris, and pine needles so your gutters will never clog—guaranteed!

Eliminate water damage: Water-tight seal from the roofline down using the Gutter Shutter Patented “high-back” gutter trough will protect your foundation, basement, and lawn from water damage and erosion.

Protect Your Roof: Gutter Shutter is proven to protect your roof, with certified GutterStud brackets that install directly into your fascia board, and a high-back design that protects your shingles and won’t void your roof warranty.

Curb appeal: Crown Molding appearance compliments your home’s architecture and increases its value.

Made in the USA: Our entire gutter guard system is proudly made in America.

How Gutter Shutter® works.

Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the Gutter Shutter by the simple physical law of water surface tension, just the way water clings to the side of a glass when its poured. Any leaves or debris flow past the nose and onto the ground.  If any leaves or debris manage to get into the gutter, our self-cleaning design flushes the leaves or debris out through the downspouts.

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Frequently asked questions.

Will Gutter Shutter void my warranty?
The simple answer – no! Gutter Shutter™ attaches directly to your fascia board, which is an approved method by all roofing manufacturers. Any gutter guard protection system that breaks the seal or penetrates the roof shingle will void your roof warranty at that point.
Nope! Gutter Shutter™ attaches directly to the fascia board.

Because the method of attachment is the most important part of any gutter system, the Gutter Shutter™ system attaches to the home using our unique, patent-pending Gutter Stud, the heart of the system.

Unlike typical systems that use an inexpensive plastic or glass filled polypropylene bracket, the Gutter Stud is made mostly from a virgin nylon material which will not shift due to material breakdown because of weather conditions. It is applied to the fascia using two 3″ galvanized screws, no nails or rivets, and spaced every 24″ on the board vertically, ensuring permanent attachment to the home.

The steeper the roof, the better Gutter Shutter™ performs. A flat roof catches all of the rain that falls over it, but as you begin to tilt a flat roof upward, you reduce the surface area that can catch rain and reduce the total amount of rain to be handled by the gutter. Faster waterflow from steep roofs has no effect on how Gutter Shutter™ performs.
The Gutter Shutter™ system has been designed and tested to handle even the heaviest rainfalls. The hood of the Gutter Shutter™ system has flow reducers that slow the water coming off your roof. However, it’s the principle of surface tension that keeps the water flowing into the gutter. Surface tension isn’t affected by the amount or speed of the water flowing. Even in the heaviest rainfalls, Gutter Shutter™ works great.
The Gutter Shutter™ system is made with 0.032″ thick aluminum, the strongest application used for a residential application. Standing on a ladder or other similar device against the Gutter Shutter™ system not a problem.

When it comes to covered gutters, one-piece designs just don’t make sense. Because the top and bottom are made in one piece, if either piece gets damaged, they both have to be replaced. And because the top isn’t removable, it’s very difficult to clean or service the gutter.

The newest state-of-the-art integrated gutter systems use a two-piece technology. The top is a separate piece that can be replaced if damaged without replacing the seamless gutter. One type uses a snap-on hood, but snap-on hoods can be easily damaged or blown off in high winds. Gutter Shutter’s two-piece design secures the separate hood to the bracket and trough. The secured hood is very strong, can’t be blown off by the wind and allows easy access if service is ever needed.

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Colors to compliment your home.

Choosing the right gutter color can be tricky. You may want to accent the charm of your home with a fresh, unique color. Gutters can also be neutral, blending into a home’s exterior seamlessly. The possibilities are endless. 

The Gutter Shutter system is customizable and designed to accent your home exactly the way you envision.


GutterShutter Color Choices Black
GutterShutter Color Choices Forest Green
GutterShutter Color Choices White
GutterShutter Color Choices Royal Brown
GutterShutter Color Choices Wicker
GutterShutter Color Choices Terratone
GutterShutter Color Choices Cream
GutterShutter Color Choices Almond
GutterShutter Color Choices Tuxedo Grey
GutterShutter Color Choices Pearl Grey
GutterShutter Color Choices Clay
GutterShutter Color Choices Musket Brown

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Why home owners keep coming back.

We wouldn’t be one of the top-rated home improvement companies in the United States without people in our community supporting us and spreading the word about the quality of our services and products. 

James A.Richmond, VA
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100 percent satisfied with all the work done to my house. I had siding, windows , doors and gutters. The job was done quickly and on time at a reasonable cost. 
Tom D.Richmond, VA
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I have to say my experience with BNW Builders and Bruce was exceptional. I had interviewed two other companies for replacement windows for my entire house. BNW had a better product and were the most professional and responsive. It was a clear choice to go with BNW. Now after all my 18 windows are in....we love them! What a difference in cooling and heating. I did not realize how drafty my house was until all the new windows were in. Another unexpected benefit was that it was so much quieter. I could barely hear anything from the outside.
Kay & David S.Powhatan, VA
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WOW what a terrific pleasure to work with a company who was friendly, knowledgeable, punctual and professional in every way with a product that far surpassed anything that I thought it should be. From the first phone call, speaking with Bruce to working with the salesman, and Jerry the installer, it was a dream. Everything about the job was A+ and I can't recommend them highly enough. WELL DONE - I can't wait to be able to finish the rest of my house. Not only were my husband and I impressed but my neighbors and friends as well.
Jean D.Richmond, VA
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New exterior door installed. The workmanship was excellent and the quality of the door is also. They even came back to fix something they weren’t happy with. I wouldn’t have noticed what was wrong. Our experience is that they are great employees and an honest company.
Charlene D. Richmond, VA
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Over the years BNW has replaced our siding, rebuilt our porch after a fire, and replaced several doors and gutters. The professionalism and interest in getting the job done right, as well as the quality of the products they use, IS the reason we always come back. Brue and his team have become like family in the 20+ years we have been doing business with BNW.
Debbie B.Mechanicsville, VA
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We’ve used BNW Builders in the past too when we lived in Chesterfield for new siding, roof, gutters & shutters. Bruce and his employees are the best! I would definitely recommend BNW Builders for any home improvements. Absolutely stress free and they definitely pay attention to every detail! I wish they had a second location in Winchester!! I would definitely hire them again!
John S.Richmond, VA
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Level of initial detail from BNW Builders to define and understand the Sliding Glass Door options plus the installation process was excellent. Communication with the main office and project coordinator was also very good from Contract signing through installation. Field installation personnel were superb, being on-time, courteous, respectful to being inside of one's home, laying tarp/cloths down both inside and out, and very helpful to respond to a host of questions about the installation and product before they left. Project well done! Very trustworthy organization.
John G.Manakin, VA
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BNW Builders just finished a screened in porch project at our house in Readers Branch. My wife and I are pleased with the results and the quality of the work is outstanding. The BNW crew and subs performed exceptional work. They made sure we were well informed about the progress of the job, our lawn was protected from damage and all of our questions were answered. You can be sure we will recommend BNW to anyone who asks us about the project.
James D.Manakin, VA
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We have done three projects with BNW Builders. The first was a large porch project. We demolished an existing deck and built a large covered porch with the Easy-Breeze window system, electrical and a large grilling deck. We were so satisfied that we recommended BNW to several neighbors. Since then we have added a Provia storm door and Gutter Shutter. The work has been flawless and done on time. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Kevin & TeriRichmond, VA
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When our neighbor recently replaced his windows and put up new siding, we were so impressed with the job and the crew working there, that we immediately called BNW to do our home. Bruce was very responsive and we were able to get a quote and schedule the work within a couple days. The installation went smoothly and we are thoroughly pleased with the results. The house looks like new and is a lot quieter too with the new windows. BNW is at the top of our call list for future home improvements. Thanks Bruce!

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