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Forget snap-on gutter guards, covers, and screens. The Gutter Shutter™ System is the most advanced system on the market for keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Why Choose Gutter Shutter™ For Your Home?

Gutter Shutter™ is more than your everyday cheap gutter cover. Typically, these come in one standard size, easily come loose, and clog quickly.

Gutter Shutter™, on the other hand, is a gutter and hood combination protection system that keeps the debris away and flawlessly fits your roof without damaging your siding.

Gutter Shutter™ Features:

  • Manufactured from high quality, thick aluminum.
  • 6" gutter trough allows superior water flow with high capacity.
  • As visually appealing as it is strong, Gutter Shutter™ comes in 12 long-lasting colors.
  • Our exclusive high-back system is guaranteed to stay attached to your home.

Previously, the solutions to keeping gutters both clear from debris and functional were limited. Homeowners used “under the shingle” hooded products or screens that failed to meet standard roof systems and warranties.

Gutter Shutter™ Benefits:

  • A clog-free gutter guard protection system guaranteed to remain attached to your home as long as the structure exists – even if the roof needs to be replaced.
  • Eliminating the hassle of cleaning out your clogged gutters.
  • Water-tight seal from the roofline down using the Gutter Shutter™ Patented "high-back" gutter trough
  • Elimination of clogged downspouts and associated underground plumbing issues
  • Crown Molding appearance that compliments your home’s architecture and increases its value.

How Does Gutter Shutter™ Work?

Gutter Shutter™ completely encloses and protects your gutters. There are no vertical openings for water or clogging debris to enter, and no screens, inserts, or filters to clog.

Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the Gutter Shutter™ by the simple physical law of water surface tension, just like the way water clings to the side of a glass when its poured.

The Gutter Shutter™ system has more surface tension than any other gutter protection system in our industry. You’ll never have to put your safety at risk by climbing up a ladder to clean out your gutters, and your fascia won’t rot or decay.

Gutter Shutter Colors

Choosing the right gutter color can be tricky. You may want to accent the charm of your home with a fresh, unique gutter color. Gutters can also be neutral, blending into a home's exterior seamlessly. Gutter Shutter® gutters are customizable and designed to accent your home exactly the way you envision.

Choose to match your roof or the exterior color of your home for a seamless look. Or make your gutters stand out with a bold pop of color. The possibilities are endless when you choose Gutter Shutter!

Gutter color visualizer

Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer – no!  Gutter Shutter™ attaches directly to your fascia board, which is an approved method by all roofing manufacturers.  Any gutter guard protection system that breaks the seal or penetrates the roof shingle will void your roof warranty at that point.

Nope! Gutter Shutter™ attaches directly to the fascia board.


Because the method of attachment is the most important part of any gutter system, the Gutter Shutter™ system attaches to the home using our unique, patent-pending Gutter Stud, the heart of the system.

Unlike typical systems that use an inexpensive plastic or glass filled polypropylene bracket, the Gutter Stud is made mostly from a virgin nylon material which will not shift due to material breakdown because of weather conditions. It is applied to the fascia using two 3″ galvanized screws, no nails or rivets, and spaced every 24″ on the board vertically, ensuring permanent attachment to the home.

The steeper the roof, the better Gutter Shutter™ performs. A flat roof catches all of the rain that falls over it, but as you begin to tilt a flat roof upward, you reduce the surface area that can catch rain and reduce the total amount of rain to be handled by the gutter. Faster waterflow from steep roofs has no effect on how Gutter Shutter™ performs.

The Gutter Shutter™ system has been designed and tested to handle even the heaviest rainfalls. The hood of the Gutter Shutter™ system has flow reducers that slow the water coming off your roof. However, it's the principle of surface tension that keeps the water flowing into the gutter. Surface tension isn't affected by the amount or speed of the water flowing. Even in the heaviest rainfalls, Gutter Shutter™ works great.

The Gutter Shutter™ system is made with 0.032″ thick aluminum, the strongest application used for a residential application. Standing on a ladder or other similar device against the Gutter Shutter™ system not a problem.

When it comes to covered gutters, one-piece designs just don't make sense. Because the top and bottom are made in one piece, if either piece gets damaged, they both have to be replaced. And because the top isn't removable, it's very difficult to clean or service the gutter.

The newest state-of-the-art integrated gutter systems use a two-piece technology. The top is a separate piece that can be replaced if damaged without replacing the seamless gutter. One type uses a snap-on hood, but snap-on hoods can be easily damaged or blown off in high winds. Gutter Shutter's two-piece design secures the separate hood to the bracket and trough. The secured hood is very strong, can't be blown off by the wind and allows easy access if service is ever needed.

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