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Windows of Richmond, a Division of BNW Builders, innovative heat mirror window is the result of window expertise and good relationships. For over two decades, Bruce Wiegan, owner of Windows of Richmond, has worked with Chuck Wetmore and Kensington Windows. We stayed connected with Chuck through many iterations of Kensington Windows, which he and his ownership group purchased in 2013. Having nurtured this relationship for many years, we approached Chuck and Kensington Windows to develop a window especially for Windows of Richmond. In 2017, The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ was born.

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Replacement Window

Simply put, heat mirror technology is the window of the future. Thomas Stetson patented the first insulated glass unit in the late 1800s. Today, we commonly refer to this as a double pane window. Stetson was praised for the insulating capabilities the double pane window had which led him to patent a triple pane window that further improved insulation. Since his invention of the triple pane window, most window manufacturers have given up looking for new innovations. At the same time as we’re looking to use less energy to heat and cool our homes, home designs are incorporating more windows, which makes it difficult to control the temperature of your home. Outdated triple pane glass systems are heavy and unwieldy, and window tints can make your home too dark. The need for something new was urgent. With the support of the US Department of Energy, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a glass system that reduced energy consumption and decreased carbon emissions. Their discovery – heat mirror technology – has since become the standard for high-performance glass systems worldwide.

The New Standard For Performance Window Glass

Windows of Richmond has lofty goals for your home’s energy efficiency. With The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™, we’ve delivered the most energy efficient solution on the market. Heat mirror windows feature thick, insulated glass that’s been specially designed to enhance the comfort of your home. Depending on the materials used, these windows can insulate as well as a standard wall! The added insulation allows The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ to eliminate outside noise by up to five decibels, block over 99.5% of harmful UV rays, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and so much more.

Customizable Windows 

Even better, The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ is infinitely customizable. We can manufacture our heat windows to fit nearly any shape or size, and we carry a variety of design options that will suit your home’s aesthetic. We use a proprietary paint formulation that comes in nearly every color, is available on both the interior and exterior frames, and comes with a twenty-year warranty on the finish. To address seal failure, a common problem with replacement windows, The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ utilizes a dual seal glazing system. This system offers industry-leading gas retention and moisture barriers, and will withstand temperature cycles for over 30 years. We also use fusion linked welds to bond the window’s joints together permanently, which isn’t possible with wood, composite, aluminum, or fiberglass windows.

So, how does heat mirror technology work?

We suspend a lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film inside the airspace of dual-pane insulating class to create multiple super-insulating cavities. This provides center glass insulation performance to R-5.6, offers superior winter heating and summer cooling due to the multicavity design, and reduces condensation buildup on glass during winter. Remarkably, it does all of this while weighing about 1/3 less than triple-pane glass.

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Windows’™ unbeatable performance is thanks to the industry-leading products we use to build it. We use EcoClean foam throughout the frames and sashes. EcoClean foam is a USDA certified BioPreferred® product and provides energy efficient thermal performance. Combined with the heat mirror glass, this foam provides unmatched comfort. We also use Sunshield PVC on the frames and sashes, which has been enhanced with titanium dioxide to block ultraviolet light.

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ Design

Every step of our design process was developed in pursuit of the ideal replacement window installation. As a result, our industry-leading windows provide superior appearance, security, and performance. They’ll increase your home’s curb appeal in addition to enhancing the comfort inside. Heat Mirror Technology was used to replace all 6,514 windows in the Empire State Building! 

Specially manufactured using a state-of-the-art glazing system that secures a unique kind of film between sheets of glass, Heat Mirror offers unprecedented thermal insulation and comfort in a window, while helping to protect you, your loved ones, and your cherished belongings from harmful UV rays.

Recognized by Popular Science magazine as one of the "Top 100 inventions of the Millenium," Heat Mirror insulating glass has been used around the world in state-of-the-art buildings-from single-family to high-profile projects like the Empire State Building. 

The Right Choice for Bay and Bow Windows

If you have bay and bow windows, you’ve likely noticed that they’re prone to becoming very hot or very cold. When bay and bow windows aren’t constructed properly, their ability to control the temperature in your home is minimal. That’s where The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ comes in. In addition to our superior thermal performance and airtight seals, BNW Builders’ The Wiegan Heat Mirror Windows’ ™ bay and bow design features a unique overlap mullion design that improves water drainage, as opposed to traditional flat surfaces that collect moisture. We include a PVC panning system that prevents water from infiltrating your home from the day of installation.

We offer our bow windows in 3-, 4-, and 5-lite layouts. Our bay windows are available with casements or double-hung windows. For both, we include an internal turnbuckle chain hanging system for superior structural integrity. All windows are mounted to structural wood support for interior strength, and all exposed interior wood is protected by a rigid vinyl capping system.

Does your bay or bow window have a window seat? We’ve got that covered, too. Our turnbuckle chain hanging system is engineered to carry up to 800 pounds per support. To prevent the temperature control issues that are common with bay and bow windows, our window seats are insulated. We go far beyond the industry standard ¾” plywood seat board in our offerings, which include:

  • Standard R9 insulated seat: This window unit adds 1” of high density foam along with a 1 ¼” hardwood veneer top cap for added insulation and comfort.
  • Deluxe R21 insulated seat: For the ultimate in comfort, this adds two more inches of high density foam. The total seat depth is 5”.

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ is also available for garden windows! Our garden window offerings feature premium grade, cabinetmaker quality oak and birch veneer for a timeless look you’ll love to show off to guests.

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ Benefits

We think that the benefits of installing the Wiegan in your home are truly endless.
In addition to all the features above, The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ also includes:

Custom designed glass package for Utilizing Heat Mirror® technology

Double strength glass

EcoClean Foam filled frames and sashes

Solid vinyl lineal that never needs painting

Slim interior sash design allows for greater glass area

Sloped sill helps with water run-off on all double hung windows

Combination lock and tilt latch for double-hung windows

Inward tilting or lifting for easy cleaning inside your home

Deluxe weather-stripping on sashes and frames for added resistance to air, water, dust, and noise

Weep gate system on sliding and picture windows for superior water drainage and added wind resistance

High-impact nylon color-matched sash retainers that lock sashes securely into the jambs

Deep receiver head pocket to reduce the possibility of air infiltration, water infiltration, and sash bowing

Constant force balance system for easy sash operation

Limited lifetime warranty

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ Safety and Security

We help you defend your home like the sanctuary it is.
Our heat mirror replacement windows include top quality safety features.

Frontline STS Interlock

Connects to the bottom sash to ensure that wind, moisture, and intruders stay outside.

Fortress MR Interlock

Protects the most vulnerable point of your window – the center – by joining the moving sashes together. This forms deep, interconnecting pockets that keeps wind out and prevents exterior access to the blocking mechanism.

Antimicrobial Triple Weather Stripping

Blocks dust and allergens from entering your home, plus added weather stripping protection that prevents mold and mildew growth.

DH LTC lock

This all-in-one lock and tilt mechanism clasps the sashes together to stop any would-be invader in their tracks. (Double Hung only)

Surelift Balances

Provides the strength and longevity of stainless steel for a lifetime of smooth operation.

The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ Strength

Like any element of your home, the strength of your replacement window installation relies on the quality of the materials they’re built from. Design pressure, or DP, measures the amount of forced air or water a window can withstand before it fails. The greater a window’s DP, the stronger it is. As you can see, The Wiegan Heat Mirror Window™ is incredibly durable!

Costs Of A New Window Installation For Your House

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